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Dear members, it's always good to meet new people. And what can be better than meeting the people with a literary interest? However, before we start exchanging the literary ideas, let's introduce ourselves. It will help the members know each other better and they will be able to direct their questions to the appropriate members in a better way. Our introduction board is not like a Bollywood forum where you tell about your age and favourite stars. There are some rules: 
1. Who are you? (compulsory)  
2. Where do you live? (optional) 
3. What do you do? (compulsory) 
4. Your education details
5. Your major literary interests - (example - I like Elizabethan poetry; I love Shakespearean drama; I like reading Victorian literature... and so on) 
6. Questions you would like to answer - (example - I would welcome questions related to Modern English Poetry; I would answer mostly the questions from Jacobean drama; I can handle the questions from the theory of Deconstruction... and so on)
You can always reflect more than one expertise field. 

Now you will notice that an introduction of this magnitude will easily allow users to request the answers from their respective experts. 
My name is Rohan Gupta. I live in Patna. I teach English literature and language to the students of higher secondary level. I am an MA in English literature and I am preparing for the NET examination. I like modern novels, especially the ones written in the 21st century and a little before that. I would certainly like to answer the questions from modern literature. Though I also like reading Victorian poetry so I can explore some questions in that field as well. Good to be here guys! Smile  Smile
Hello all! I am Jatin and I am a student of English literature. I am doing my graduation and I registered on this website to seek answers to my literary questions. Great stuff by you guys! I will ask as of now and I will see if I can answer the questions. As far as my interest goes, I am interested in the novels of Austen and the poetry of T. S. Eliot. Thanks!
Hello everyone. My name is Amt Mishra and I am a student of economics pursuing my masters. I love to read poems of Shakespeare, Thomas Gray and modern poets. I am joining this literature forum to ask some questions and try my level best to give answers as well.
Hey guys, my name is Admiration (nickname Wink)
I am a working professional but have a deep interest in academic literature because I have been a student of MA in English Literature. I am looking forward to a great discussion board. I would love discussing romantic literature the most.
Hey everyone! Alok Mishra here!
I am from Bihar. I am an author image consultant by profession. After completing my MA in English Literature from Nalanda College, I started a literary magazine - Ashvamegh. I write on various topics related to English literature on my website. I am here as an expert to answer the questions asked by students and others. Let's make this forum a great place!
Hi friends!
I am Ishant Anand, I'm an English Graduate,pursuing my P.G. in the same subject. I'm preparing for UGC Net. So, I'm here for worthy discussion that could help me for further learning. I hope that this forum will help me to enhance my knowledge about literature.
Guys, my name is Gaurav. I am a student of English literature, doing my graduation (3rd year). I love reading the novels of Jane Austen again and again. I also love poetry of the romantic age. I will surely try to answer whatever questions I can. I would also love to engage in the criticism forum.
Hi, I am Ravi kuamr. I am from Bihar and working as guest faculty of English. I have completed MA in English from Magadh University. I am also an aspirant of UGC NET. Being a student and teacher of English, I am Keen to the threds of English language & literature. To be part of this forum, I feel very thankful to the administrator of the forum.
Hi everybody,
I, Rahul Kumar Pandey , am from Bihar . I've completed my Master in English literature from Magadh University. I'm a keen observer of literary genre and interested in English Fiction and Drama. Mostly Lawrence, Austen, Hardy, T S Eliot , W B Yeats, Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer and Johnson's writings impressed me much to indulge myself in this genre. I would like to help readers in Novels, Poetry and Post-Colonial English Literature. Being a Member of this intellect Forum, I'll be more motivated to work with my senior and founder of this forum (Mr. Alok, who himself  is a young poet, writer, an active blogger and book reviewer ) . i am very happy to be a member of this intellectual and  highly appreciated forum.
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