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What is the general trend in the 21st-century English Poetry?
Well, guys, I do have a question to ask. About the 21st century literature of England, what are the general and common traits that we see? For example, most of the universities in the world (mostly outside England) do not focus on the literature produced in England after T. S. Eliot and some to the extent of Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Philip Larkin and maybe Carol Ann Duffy and a few others like James Fenton and Andrew Motion (Palgrave - A History of English Literature). So, my question is that why does poetry stop after a certain interval? Why the popular history of English literature books, even with their updated editions, don't cover these poets? Is it inferior? Is it just not worthy to be documented or something else? I want opinions. Thanks!
I guess this is more about the pause in the continuity that would keep the literature of England at the same pedestal. It did not work the way it should have worked. If we look back and analyse, we will see that the flow was there - Chaucer, Shakespeare, Webster, Dryden, Fielding, Romantics, Tennyson, Hardy, Eliot, and then Hughes... however, I do believe that the continuity broke down somewhere... the twenty-first century literature could not hold on to the greatness it maintained for so long.

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