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What is the best way to study literary theory and criticism?
Hello all! 
I have a question. As a student of literature, what is the best way one can study literary theory and criticism? In particular, what is the best way to pursue a particular literary theory? Can anyone please guide? Also, I would love to start a discussion on this topic so that many others like me can benefit from the conversation. Thanks!
There are many ways that you can learn and understand literary theory and criticism. However, your question becomes very significant because it tends to argue about the best way to do so. I would simply suggest that understanding the basic functions of that particular literary theory you want to learn would help a lot. If you are a beginner, begin with a book that details the basics as well as the functions. Don't for the scholarly editions meant for those who have the basic ideas.
The one advice I would like to offer to all the beginners is beginning from the supposed beginning only. You don't have to hurry or rush it. Just read the chapters in order and you will see one theory after another coming up and making it easy for you, as a learner, to understand it all.
There should be a method associated with every possible thing that you would like to execute in a proper way. Sometimes, when you are beginning, you learn as you move ahead with some task. However, being organised and clear in your mind always helps. I have listed some pieces of advice for the beginners as well as the learned ones who plan to study literary theory and criticism. I am sure the article I posted will help you. Please read this one:

How to study literary theory and criticism

The article is quite helpful! I would suggest anyone who visits this thread must read the article that Alok has mentioned in his reply. That article makes it easy for the beginners to plan an approach that will let them be comfortable and planned while attempting to understand any literary theory. It is about:

How to begin?
What to look for?
How to understand?
How to understand the application of any particular literary theory?

Read the article. All the best!
Very interesting thread and much help found here. Thanks, everyone for the suggestions you offered here.

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