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What is Narratology? How can we define Narratology as a literary theory?
This is a basic but very important question for the newcomers in literary theory. Narratology comes within the purview of linguistical study of literature as well as Structuralism, a parent theory of this concept, supposedly and rightly so. However, what might be the proper way to define this? What does Narratology aim to study in a literary text? Ideas and opinions will be appreciated.
First of all, to be clear, Narratology is a part of Structuralism. However, over time, with the development in its dimensions and inclusion of new thinkers under this shed, Narratology became independent – a standalone theory. Majorly based on linguistics, Narratology is all about Narrative. In short, to define this theory, one can write:

Narratology is the study of narrative in a given text (preferably fiction). It focuses on the study of the tale, the tellers and the ways in which a tale is told at various levels. It looks for a structure based on the medium of tale’s exposition and the responsibility for that reveal.

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