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What is Deconstruction Theory?
Members, let's begin with the basics. What is the theory of Deconstruction? Can Deconstruction be defined? Can it be limited within the boundaries? Who started this school of critical thinking? Is Deconstruction still relevant? We will discuss all these aspects of this literary theory in this thread. Let's begin the 'play of thoughts' and we will keep it 'free'.
To me, Deconstruction is seeing the things without any certain concept and beginning a new way of thinking about everything. I am aware that this assumption, in itself, is flawed! However, this is what Deconstruction means to me mostly.
Theory of Deconstruction is looking at a literary product (I am talking about deconstruction in strictly literary terms) with no strings attached. It's a way that finds different ways rather than relying on certain ways of interpreting a text. Deconstruction aims at bringing out the loopholes and ambiguities in a literary text. A very famous phrase goes like 'reading against the grain' and this is what we mean by Deconstruction mostly.

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