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Simply calling William Wordsworth a romantic poet is enough? What else he was?
Can we end this thing by just calling William Wordsworth a romantic poet? When I read his poems, I feel he was more intellectual than the important figures of the literature of intellect. Don't you guys think the same? I mean calling Wordsworth a romantic poet is just something that has come into popular fashion or culture as they say it. He was emotional but also wise - wiser than many other poets in many other ages. Do I have some argument here?
I think that the attribute 'romantic poet' is a misplaced or overt concept that limits (unconsciously) a poet's domain. If you construe a poet's oeuvre by calling him a romantic poet, you will limit your interpretation as well. Wordsworth was a philosopher and an admirer of things around him, especially the thing we call nature. He believed that nature is the sustainer of human life and he was right to his rights. What is the definition of being a romantic poet? First of all, we will need to define romantic poetry and then romantic poet and then only we can debate whether calling Wordsworth a romantic poet is justified or not.
In my opinion, Wordsworth was a great philosopher. Just look at his works and you will understand that he envisioned something that we can still not see. He not only romanticised literature, he actually lived with it. He also gave great importance to the very simplest human emotions. Remember we are seven? In my opinion, this guy is timeless!
As a poet, Wordsworth has achieved what many poets could not achieve or would never achieve. Let alone the rankers who rank him just after Shakespeare or so on, reading his poetry makes a reader feel for himself. He began writing when he was a student and continued it till he died. The poetry of Wordsworth comes out with emotions, realism as well as a vision. His lines have become immortal (few of them); his Prelude has become a standard to measure long poems; his style has become the trademark of the romantic period.
William Wordsworth cannot be compartmentalised or caged by the term 'romantic poet'. He is much bigger than that. His words, his free spirit and sheer admiration of nature are unmatched in my opinion. He is my favourite!
I completely agree with what Tracy has said. Wordsworth, as a poet, should not and MUST NOT BE framed into a certain limitation. Any tag cannot do justice to his poetic outcome. He was a visionary like other members have pointed out, and he created poems that were well ahead of his time and very deep well into the past. He was evergreen and that's why he continues to be.

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