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Recently Launched Novels by Indian Authors
Hello friends, in this thread, we request you all to share your reading experiences of the recently launched Indian novels. You can share the traits, qualities, good or bad experiences of reading the recent (contemporary) works by the current generation of Indian authors.
Hello friends, I am reading something currently. I agree. However, the trouble with contemporary Indian fiction is that you only get to read books of one kind. You only read the works that include love, sex and cheap romance. Where is the newness? It has become as boring as the film Industry of India!
No Amit. Not always. We can also read some of the books (though rare, agreed) that display entirely different set-up. I am reading a book by Mohan Timmaraju right now - Janardhan Talbot. I am sure anyone who reads the book will like it. It has a very well-thought theme, around the first Indian freedom struggle. It has a good plot as well. The author, who is a veteran now, has just done amazing with his very debut work!
Yes, Amit is right to an extent. Most of the books display the same structure of love and romance and it has become overloaded to a great level. However, there are the novelists who are managing the standards of fiction and they are the ones who are needed to pull out the Indian English fiction out of this sinking chaos. Out of the contemporary writers, I would also like to draw the attention of the members of this literature forum to Ravi Dabral. This author has written his debut fiction recently - Greed, Lust, Addiction. I have been reading it and quite some pages read already. This is different and must be enjoyed by all those who want to read different and meaningful Indian novels. I will try Mohan's work as well. Thanks, Simran for suggesting.
Gaurav, thanks for suggesting the book by Ravi Dabral. This is a novel that focuses on Indian age-long tradition of winning over one's own weaknesses - winning over senses to gain self-confidence and achieve the real pursuits of life. This is a very good novel that we can all read. Greed Lust Addiction is a classic tale of thrill, adventure and purpose. I am sure the members of this literature forum would love reading this. I will also try Mohan Timmaraju's work on the Indian freedom movement.
I enjoyed reading many books in recent days. When we talk about concurrent Indian English literature, I also think the members here are right. Many authors only focus on love and sex and other tricks on how to make their novels spicier and eventually popular among the youths. That is a cheap way of doing it by the way. That's why I almost despise the works of many 'bestselling' novelists. On the other hand, the novelists who do well are not read widely because people think their works are dried of 'hot ingredients' to become bestsellers!
Hey guys. I have recently read the book after seeing you people mention its name many times. I am very satisfied with the content offered. Though the novel is the debut one by this author, I am pretty impressed with the writing and the theme. Though the plot has twists but it could be more than what it is, for sure. Those of you who want to know more about Ravi Dabral's novel Greed Lust Addiction, here is the link to its review: Greed Lust Addiction - Review
Thanks for the link to a very well described interview, BookWorm. Yes, according to this review, the novel is certainly different than what we generally get to read these days. I will also be reading it very soon. Thanks again.
Well, I do think now that there are attempts in a better direction as well! Kudos and a big shoutout to these new authors!
I think we should create new threads with each of the new Indian authors who are writing today. That will help us a lot in discussing them and their writings carefully. interested readers can share their opinions. What do you say, Admin and Experts?

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