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RE: Reading a complete novel vs reading just the summary - what's the right approach?
I am very curious to know this. As a student of literature, a person is supposed to read many novels included in his syllabus. However, there is often a limitation of time - sometimes examinations and sometimes it's about reading things other than the novel. Should one read all the novels completely or it can be managed by reading the summaries and understanding the critical points? What do you think, guys? Please answer me.
I would rather go for summary if I am not interested in the novel. However, if you have to read for academic purpose, it's always advised to go for the text. You have to read a novel completely to understand the story and bends and twists. However, for examinations like NET, you should use summary.
Personally, even I read summaries when it comes to reading for exams. Reading summary saves a lot of time. But, once the exams are done, I would go back and read the novels to see if I missed anything. I've been blown away by the depth and layers of many novels that summaries seldom possess.
Yes, summaries have always been of great help for the students. It is helpful, quick and also grades saver to a great extent. We cannot read all the novels to the end in a short time. However, the ones you like must be read to the end so that it can be embedded in your mind forever.
I would have enjoyed a few novels that I read. I don't like reading novels to completion when novels do not appeal to me or are not interesting at length. Summaries can give you an idea about it.

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