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NET English Syllabus Changed!
Dear members and NET aspirants, the syllabus has changed! The UGC has changed the syllabus for NET Examination, English and many other subjects. Did you get the updated syllabus yet? If not, the new syllabus has been added here. Moreover, we need to discuss the syllabus because it is supposed that the upcoming NET examinations will be conducted on the basis of the latest syllabus. 

How much has changed? 
The authorities have decided to keep the syllabus almost the same but a NOTE has been added that now the aspirants will be tested on all fronts. The note reads: 
"NOTE: The first four units must also be tested through comprehension passages to assess critical reading, critical thinking and writing skills. These four units will cover all literatures in English."

So, what is 'all literatures'? What is meant by 'writing skills'? 

We should begin a new discussion and should try to reach a standard conclusion that we all can agree.

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Thanks for the update. I head vaguely about the updated syllabus and I am curious to further the discussion. Will there be subjective questions or the writing skills can be tested via objective mode as well? What do you guys think?
The new syllabus does not seem different compared to the syllabus which was already there. Now, how do you explain 'all literatures in English'? Does it mean everything and anything written in English? That's weird but it's just the status quo and nothing else!
I am also a little browbeaten by the acts of UGC. What did they change according to their 'new' syllabus? This is just the same and nothing new is there. Just being touted as 'new' but the same wine in a new bottle!
So guys, what do you make out of the Units and Questions from each of the Units? I have heard that there will be 10 questions from each unit in paper 2. Is it true? If yes, what should be the strategy? What do you guys think?
I think the units thing is certainly something that we can focus on. If you go by the units, then you can work on the stronger points of yours. Suppose someone is good in Victorian literature, he should focus further on Victorian literature to make it stronger and try getting as many questions right as possible. What do you think Sanjiv? And others too, please respond.
Well, I doubt something like this might happen! What do you think guys? This is only valid and logical for paper 1 of the NET English literature or any other subject examination. Even the UGC has itself declared that. But they did not declare anything such for paper 2. I think we might need some advice from the experts.
Can we have a detailed analysis of the updated syllabus, please? I would love to see the experts engage in this thread so that we can have some way out.
One detailed article is being prepared on the updated NET English literature syllabus guys. You will soon see this article posted on English Literature Education. I hope that will be very helpful for all the aspirants.
Hello, friends! Here is a detailed analysis of the updated syllabus that has been posted on our sister website, English Literature Education. Please go through the article and let me know what do you think. I will be around in case you need any clarifications. Do comment and do share with your friends. Let's keep this thread going.

Link - NET English Literature Syllabus update - 2019

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