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Most representative English novels of the 21st century
Which are, in your opinion, the most representative English novels of the 21st century? Each of the previous centuries has had its share of novels that have stood out and remained in history not only as magnum opi, but also as symbols of the literary periods in which they were published.

In this thread, I invite you to name the best novels published in English since 1 January 2000. Huh
Very nice thread and I am sure many readers will take part in the discussion. I will name a few novels that I would nominate from my side to this list of representative novels of the 21st-century.

Fury by Salman Rushdie - 2001. This novel takes on the theme of globalisation and rightly suggests America at the centre of it. It also envisions the rush in the world but isolation from within and that's the reality we are facing today.

Love by Toni Morrison: 2003. This novel will be remembered for its technique more than its content. The split narrative became famous only in the 21st century and this one does a charming job here.
This question by Lucian has actually brought me in a fix. What's the thing that many novels popular in the 21st century represent? What does Harry Potter represent? What does 50 Shades of Gray represent? What does One Indian Girl represent? Isn't 21st century the age where anything but theme matters?

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