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Introduce yourself here
I am a very engaging BookWorm from somewhere in the world. I am a student of English Literature and I love discussing the same with others. Don't mind my anonymity, admin. I promise to be an engaging and civilised member of the group. I love discussing critical theories and I will certainly attempt my best to help the needy ones out. Thanks for this platform!
Hi guys, my name is Sudhanshu and I am from Indore. I love writing poems and reading novels. I am a student of English literature and I am also aspiring for NET examination. As far as trends in literature are concerned, I love reading Victorian Prose and Elizabethan Drama. I would also love to engage in discussions on twentieth-century poetry.
My name is Gaurav and I am from Haryana. I love reading Elizabethan plays as well as Victorian novels. About poetry, I love reading unrhyming modern poems like those by T. S. Eliot and Ted Hughes. I would love to engage in every kind of discussion held on this forum and my sincere thanks to the founders! Good job!
Hello friends, I am Sandhya. I am a student of the 3rd semester, MA, English Literature. I am also a NET aspirant and I am looking for advice and tips on the same. Along with the academic progress, I also love to engage in literary discussions randomly. I love reading novels of Woolf and Austen. I also love poetry of the Romantic age. Looking for an active participation in the discussions to follow... thanks!
Hello everyone! My name is TheRomantic and I would rather like to keep my pseudonym as the priority. I am from India and I am preparing for UGC NET. I have completed my MA in English Literature and heard about this pleasant and newly established forum on Twitter. I am delighted to be a part of the English Literature Forum and I am sure it will help me with my preparation and also for general literary awareness.

I have always been attracted towards the romantic poetry. Poems of Keats and Shelley have special admiration from me. I would love to discuss the same with others and would love to exchange my opinions for others'.
He all. My name is Suman Sharma. I am from Gujarat. I am an MA student studying English literature. I am fond of reading and discussing Victorian literature. I will be glad seeing fruitful discussions and participating in the same.
Hi all, its just another bookworm. I'm from India and I'm a law student. Please excuse me for the lack of details, I promise to be a good contributor. 
   Moving on to books, I love reading all sorts of books ranging from Greek classics to the travelogues of Theroux,  and so on. 
    Right now, I'm challenging myself to read the Greek plays and the major philosophical works of Aristotle and Plato, as I have an interest in philosophy.
 I'm looking forward to contributing and I'd like to learn anything related to literary theory and I'd like to start reading poetry.

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