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Indian Non-fiction writing in English: Post-1950
What are the general trends in Indian English writing in non-fiction genre after 1950? Who were the prominent writers? What did they write? How did Indian Non-fiction English writing take shape after independence? All these and many other questions will be discussed in this thread. Make sure you participate and enrich this discussion with your valuable opinions.
Well, this is going to be a nice thread because we have so many wonderful non-fiction writers from India who emerged and influenced people after 1950. I like the writings by Jiddu Krishnamurti a lot. His writings are certainly life-changing if you read them carefully.
The writings by J Krishnamurti are certainly powerful. Being an enlightened (people believe) person, he had those capabilities of observing life from a different perspective altogether and influence the masses. Fear from the Unknown and Why are you being educated? were some of his books I enjoy reading.

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