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How do you rate Chaucer? Is it right calling him the father of English Poetry?
Yes, guys. This is my question to every student, teacher and scholar of English literature. Can we call Chaucer the father of English poetry? Many do so and many question the honour as well. How do you rate Chaucer overall as a poet? What's your analysis of his poetry? Please express here and share your opinions with many others. Let's engage.
Let's get the basics first. It was John Dryden who called Chaucer the father of English poetry. What kind of poet Dryden was, we all know. We also know the general tendency of likes of Dryden and Pope - they were the ones who believed in realism and also in the strictest version of the form instead of content. Chaucer wrote what he saw, what he felt and what he thought. He tried to set a benchmark - how a knight should be, how a monk should be and how many others on many different positions in the society should be. So, until he is setting a line of judgement, he will be liked by the neo-classicists and also by the realists. His poetry has also been praised by Matthew Arnold, a learned figure. Though there might be numerous debates on the credential ascribed to Chaucer, he was a genius within his own rights and that cannot be questioned.
Of all the poets writing before the great Elizabethan dawn, Chaucer was certainly the greatest, the most prudent and also the most literary prowessed. There is no doubt about it. When Langland and Gower were busy in writing mostly dream fallacies, only Chaucer could bring something as colourful and realistic as Canterbury Tales. His showed the world of the English nation the real use and meaning and application of writing poetry. He also unified the nation with a language - the English language. So, undoubtedly, this person was the father of the English language and this poet was the father of English poetry.
I second the opinion by Amit. Chaucer has all the accounts in his bank to be ascribed with this prestigious title of being called the father of English poetry.
Thanks for your opinions, guys. Sorry that I could not catch-up with this thread. However, opinions are very interesting as well as enlightening. I also think that Chaucer was one of the greatest poets of England. Even the erudite ones like Eliot and Arnold have also praised him for his skills and writings.

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