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General opinions on the novels by R. K. Narayan
Hello, dear members! As students and enthusiasts of Indian English literature, we must have studied the novels by one of India's greatest English novelists - R. K. Narayan. His immortal works like The Guide and other famous novels like The Bachelor of Arts, Waiting for Mahatma, The English Teacher and others are still read and appreciated (but within a very limited range of readers for obvious reasons). What is your general opinion on R. K. Narayan as a novelist? Share your experience with others and let's keep this discussion going forward. 
That's an interesting subject to hold talks! One of my professors always said that R. K. Narayan is one of the three pillars of Indian English Novel! I find his novels always lively and very close to Indian lives. However, the effect of his readings and beliefs cannot be discounted from his novels. One thing is very interesting in his works that even the general plot takes a convincing turn and reaches a different domain altogether. The Bachelor of Arts and The Guide are the best examples - from simple life to a higher pursuit and then the realisation...
I have studied as well as read a few novels by R. K. Narayan. The novels by him were almost like a replica of common lives in South India and sometimes, the country as a whole. However, his novels were very limited in the terms of themes and plots. Except for a few instances where turns are there on the road, Narayan's novels are fairly easy to comprehend.

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