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Feminism in Literature - Now vs Then?
Hey, guys! 
We believe you all are having good hours here. Let's make things happen in the section of gender theories as well. What's Feminism? How was it before? How is it now? How fair do you think Feminism has been in use in the works of literature of the past and of the day we live? Let's talk about the Feminism theory in literature.
Feminism is a very good topic to talk about! I believe that Feminism, in this or that form, has always been present in the works of literature in the past as well as now. We cannot forget the works of ancient India - Mahabharata and Ramayana and we see different types of women issues there. In modern literature, we see the women issues lurking in various new-age forms - freedom, professional, choices and also the right to the body.

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