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English Literature - Criticism & literary theory for UGC NET examination
Hi all! I have a question. How important is studying literary theory and criticism for the NET examination, English Literature? How do you approach this? Is there any certain pattern? 

* How to prepare? 
* How to approach it? 
* Which are the major theories to follow? 
* Which are the names to be remembered? 
* Which books should be studied? 

Please help me and others who are looking for advice. 
There is no certain! NET questions in English literature paper do follow a syllabus but that is so wide that we cannot become certain about questions to come and chapters to cover. In criticism and literary theory section, I think, one should stick to the basics first. Once you understand the specifics of literary theory, you can answer the questions based on assumptions. As far as the question of which theories to follow is there, there is nothing certain. You should try following every possible and popular literary theory.
This thread needs to be revived. There are many students who would love to know more about this important part of the NET English literature examination. Please help guys.

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