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Drama in Elizabethan Period
Any discussion on Elizabethan English literature will be considered shallow and even meaningless unless we discuss the Elizabethan Drama. Elizabethan Period in English literature is often (and rightly so) considered to be the golden age of English Drama. Shakespeare and Marlowe were the central figures who enjoyed great fame during that time and remain the same even today - famous, appreciated and adored by the scholars of the subject. However, there were others as well who need to be discussed along with them and we will do it here. Let's talk about the playwrights of the period. Let's talk about Shakespeare and his art of drama. Let's discuss Marlowe and his lyrical magic. Let's talk about others - Greene, Chapman, Jonson, Dekker, Peele, Kyd... 
Elizabethan period of English literature was one of the most happening time, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Spencer and others who witnessed and produced their works at this time should have honoured the credit. Verse writing was common at that time. Almost all the Dramas of the time was in poetic form. It may be easier for that time, but use of metre with specific meaning of conversation and driving the story according to the plot leads to many problems. But whenever I compare English literature to other languages like Latin, French or Sanskrit, then my question of this difficulty (rhetoric with story) found baseless. As all the languages produced poetic works in it's earlier time. Here I invite members, guests and the Admin as well to come up and share their views ......
When we talk about the Elizabethan drama, Shakespeare generally takes it away from all other able and respected dramatists. However, other than Shakespeare, the one I like the most is Marlowe. He is the one who could be very popular outside the academic circle, just like Shakespeare, had he written some more. What do you think about Marlowe's diction and his style?

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