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Did the publication of The Waste Land change modern English Literature?
If we talk about the one literary production which could be argued to have affected the literature of 20th-century the most, I am sure The Waste Land will be considered by many critics, scholars and students. Do you agree with my proposition? Did The Waste Land really change English literature of the 20th century? If yes, then how? If no, then which one? Share your views and keep the discussion continued.
I will certainly say yes to this argument! The Waste Land is a landmark in the English poetry and not only England's poetry, it influenced poetry across the world. For the first time, perhaps, such a rhymeless verse was celebrated by the readers and critics. Though many disagreed as well, The Waste Land was the poem to change the scenario and it offered the poets a freedom to express themselves. The 'dull imagery' and the 'dark reality' that T. S. Eliot portrayed displayed to the world a cruel truth. Although, I will also say that after sometimes, the effect that this publication created was taken over by other publications as well.

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