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Chetan Bhagat and his writings
This is a discussion forum dedicated to Chetan Bhagat and his writings. You can share your opinions on his novels, his non-fiction writings and his writing vision and literary contribution. Keep your ideas original and help those who visit this forum to learn more and Chetan Bhagat as a novelist and as a modern Indian English literature marshal.
If we talk about Chetan Bhagat and his writings, then we will have to talk about his books like Two States, One Indian Girl and also Half Girlfriend. These novels may not make so much contribution to the literary growth in India but are certainly popular and amazingly received by the readers. Why? Does anybody know the reasons?
I admire Chetan Bhagat for only one reason that he delimited fiction in English in India. Before Chetan, English novels were considered to be limited, literary circle high tea and only for those who understood the sophisticated version of English. After Chetan, we can find a novelist in every street of metro cities and novels in every household in a semi-urban city in India.

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