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Before you post anything - DO READ THIS!
We are here to engage, exchange, discuss, debate and ultimately, enhance our understanding of literature. On this forum, which is an English Literature Forum, we want to offer this opportunity to every literary enthusiast who wants to discuss various aspects of literature with others. So, before you browse the various sections and start indulging, do remember our purpose. 

We encourage our users to indulge in passionate discussions or debates (if required) but do take care that you don't indulge in a discourse which becomes something else instead of remaining literary. We don't tolerate any single case of 'digital harassment,' 'communal insult,' 'personal attacks,' or anything which is not appropriate. 

Though we are sure that spammers won't be bothering us because of our tough literary standards in the very registration process, we do treat spammers very harshly. So, save yourself from that severe treatment and don't post any spam. 

We wish you all the best! Go ahead and express yourself and share the literary ideas to make this forum useful for the students of literature and the teachers of it. 

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