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As a student of literature, how to study poetry to understand it quicker and in depth
This is a million-dollar question for all the students of English literature who are just starting their student life. What is the best way to study poetry? While every student at every level of academics might have different needs, is there any common link between them? Experts on English Literature Forum and other users who are seniors or juniors may help me with that. So guys, what is the best way to study poetry for beginners? Please help me out.
The best ways to study poetry depend on what your motives are. Suppose you are a student preparing for examinations, you would like to understand various perspectives that would help you write answers to the possible questions in your examination. If you are a student writing a thesis, you would like to study the poetry of a particular poet in a way that would let you get more insights into the writing style of that particular poet. For the beginners, they just need to read the poems once, twice and thrice. It will certainly give them a basic idea of the poem being read and they can re-read to get various sides of meanings - inner as well as outer.
I do concur with the thoughts by Chandan. To understand a poem, you will have to read it at least 2-3 times. That will create a binding interpretation which goes from the beginning to the end. It will also make sure that you have a basic idea of the poem's theme and style. To further depth, if you analyse the poem with a particular area of investigation, you will understand the underlying meanings.
Hey guys, I have come across a wonderful article on how to study poetry. You all can go through this and understand and learn many things that will help with the pursuit of poetry. Here is the link:

How to study poetry?

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