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Abstract Thoughts
Beauty is love. It is the love hidden in the body that makes it beautiful. Frankly speaking, shapes, contours, complexion are not the ingredients which create beauty in the body, it is the love that makes you look beautiful. It may not have surfaced into its possessor's gross-consciousness but its expression through sublime beauty of your person, speaks its potential presence in you.
Enjoy deeply its sublime content - love, and enthrall yourself to the heights of ecstasies---bliss.

Creations of Nature are subject to the laws of change, so these can't be beautiful!
Whatever is good, in nature, is pleasantly beautiful
Positive tendencies, correct combination of elements, give fruitful (good) results, which are pleasant to behold. Do you know how a scene or an entity of Nature looks pleasant (beautiful) to our mind (via senses)
The beauty lies not in the limbs of the (elements) of Nature but in their correct (right) combination. the combination of elements is right is the hidden beauty in Nature, expressed through its elements, in the shape of its creations. Its sense of righteousness that brought about a correct (right) combination, and that is beauty, according to you
whatever is pleasant is good, right, virtuous, truth (full) and beautiful. And beauty in nature is not an aspect but its conscience that unfolds for us its nature of right (-eousness). Beauty is not an aspect of Nature, nor of its creation but it is an instrument made of sweetest juices churned by its supra-conscious (state) that makes its creations conscious of the Bliss, hidden (latent) in it. Beauty does not change but transform Nature into Bliss (eternal) joy. Similarly conscience of man transforms his mind into wisdom that makes us conscious of the hidden bliss which abounds in us, as in nature, and put us like nature, in permanent Bliss - the source of nature and us.
Thus conscience is the gist of the senses of perception which perceive only pleasure-joy-bliss, not only in the objective world but in its subtle world (mind) too, and whatever pleases us, gives us joy - is always beautiful.
Beauty is transient like the objects it is perceived in, but it has the quality to transform them into bliss, which is eternal.
Nature's fruits & resources can be used for the benefits of humanity at large or for our destruction, is our choice! Like human body, mind is also its creation: We cannot control it. But it is, in our power, to use it for our benefit or destruction!
Travails of a Thinker…
A thinker cannot at any given time over-step and talk about the upper level of consciousness without, again, going through the lower levels which he had traversed earlier. Every time, he has to wade through the same levels to progress up to his already attained intellectual heights i.e. each time he has to start from the zero (gross-mind) and reach up his last step of the ladder, step by step. . That is the way of a thinker. We are not a computer, in which you could select from stored data any relevant portion at any time. A thinker, like a computer, does not use the available faculties of the mind, for he has uprooted all of them one by one. Therefore, every time, he has to use intellect and tackle (discriminate) each problem afresh. That is why his thinking is always fresh and original!
Pleasure does not come from the other partner; it comes from our own indulgence. Then what is it that we seek from the partner? It is definitely not her/his body we use for pleasure. It is something else.
It is our own projections that we seek in others. We seek in others, our projection of pleasure, joy and love. We have pleasure in us--- which we have experienced due to our own self-indulgence or through metal flights---we want it to be reciprocated! If the partner bounces it back, we say, pleasure has been attained. If not, we are disappointed.
of the 83, 99,999 species of living beings, only man eats cooked food. Please note, when I use the word ‘man’ it includes woman, of course. Also we eat meat of living beings. It is unnatural to eat cooked food and kill animals and eat them. It was natural to eat meat, when man was evolving from animal state but when he has come of age after living through so many civilizations, matured through as many cultures, is it wise for him to behave like animals? At least, we must imitate animals and eat not to gorge our bellies and satisfy our palates but to just sustain them.
Our tongue is the most important step in the advancement of man, in his journey to realization. It has two functions to discharge. It tastes and talks. For its tastes, it impels man (or it is the mind that does the dictating) to place before it scores of courses of food. Highly qualified chefs are engaged to prepare delicious dishes, extravagantly decorated on vast dining tables. For a table of four, nearly a fortune is spent, enough for a poor family to live on for a year. But to what purpose, all this labor when all that is eaten shall be out of the body as waste, whose smell its producer cannot stand? Too much eating is also harmful for the upkeep of the body. It ushers in many desires. Gluttons live not long. Moreover, it keeps the man in the shackles of sense organs. It breeds negative (Tamasic) tendencies. No glutton has ever made into a genius or a master. So, we should take food according to necessity, only to satisfy our hunger of bodies, not quench the inexhaustible hunger of taste.
The second function of tongue is the faculty of talk. The original purpose of speech was to communicate our needs and share our experiences. We graduated from sign language to talk and to present day languages. We shall discuss about the evolution from sound to scripts, later. Now we shall confine ourselves to its physical functions only. Now we go on talking and talking, blabbering out meaningless talk, which has no relevance to our existence. We have devalued its significance and use it simply to mesmerize others. It was meant to convey the beauty in the symphony of nature. Sweetness was it nature and sweet, musical words should come from it in place of vulgar vocabulary. We should talk less and listen more. We are basically, learners. No one has mastered the nature, so what is there to talk. Even Masters, who are aware, use it very wisely. They know it tarnishes the language of their thoughts. They communicate in subtle ways for they know human vocabulary is incomplete to express nature and it also wastes precious energy. To preserve energy and to prevent quarrels, embarrassment, spreading of ignorance, it should be used minimally only to convey what is most essential, not to impress others.
Eyes are meant to remove physical blindness of man and to enjoy the beauties of nature but we are also using them for petty and lower purposes. Now tell me, how do you use them?
our eyes are mere organs. They can only see but cannot react. It is the faculty of sight in them that makes them see, so is the sense of sight that observes but is also cannot have pleasure as it lacks qualities of discrimination. Sight itself is incapable to decide whether a scene or an object is pleasing or displeasing. It is again the mind that enjoys the pleasure. In food also, it was the mind not the tongue that enjoys.
But eyes and tongue have their reactions. Eyes react to all the elements, wind, cold, heat, water, etc. and they flutter accordingly.
It is the mind whish enjoys the food. In food also when we eat some dish, tongue only tastes its sweetness/sourness and immediately sends message to the brain. Mind discriminates the tastes and decides which dish the most was deliciously prepared. It is the mind that does the comparison and develops its standards. It is the mind that impels sense of smell and taste and induces watering of the tongue.
Same way ears, nose, hands are also discharging the functions of the body. Their faculties of hearing, smell and touch are the communicating tools of the mind. You take away the mind; the bearer is immediately bereft of his friends. A fool though, tastes, smells, hears, touches and sees but he does not enjoy and discriminate their fruits. He does not derive pleasure out of them.
Whenever our sense organs discharge any act, their subtle bodies (senses) convey their experiences to the brain which stores all data collected through sense organs. It is the mind that does the comparison and sets it definition of pleasure.
Sense organs are vital parts of body machine. Body is only a machine. It is the mind that controls it and runs it according to its whims., mind gets pleasure, then its composition should be solid whereas it is subtle/invisible.
senses are subtle and the messages of observations they transmit to the mind through brain are invisible
As long as we are in the subjugation of mind, we can’t have permanent state of pleasure. But we can have bouts of pleasure if we keep our senses clean, unbiased and untouched. That is possible only if we observe world honestly, not influenced by the mind. Mind makes us see, smell, touch, hear, and taste only those things which it likes. We must observe the objects as they are; not as they should be. We should not allow our mind to superimpose or we would have a tinted view of the world and shall be monitored by mind which is a wile master. And we will be forced to live in a world which is not real but projected by the mind.
Aesthetic Relation
Relationship, at body and mind’s level varies,
as per their different categories of relations, sprouts different fruits
Their tastes, hate, affection, pleasant, repulsion, too varies

‘The bin’ which stores their varying vibes,
-are filled with faulty/disturbed storage/content.
Thus the vibes emitted thereof,
- are mixture of pleasant, unpleasant memories.

There are countless bins layered in our brain
-full of memories composed of emotional pulses.
All of these relations are superficial…
as, blood relations give sorrow,
physical relations keep us apart
and mind’s relationships are also absolutely temporary.
Only aesthetic relations unite!
Till now, I thought I got what I wanted. I wrongly assumed I had achieved the state of bliss. But now I learn I was still roaming at body level. I had come to identify myself with body pleasures. But now it is otherwise. It is the mind that plays the tune, poor body merely dances on its strings of sense organs. Of course, other factors also influence it but they too affect us through the sense organs. It is of paramount importance; we must get rid of our animal tendencies, and come out the duality of pleasure-pain, hate-attraction, gain-loss, and happiness-sorrow. All of these are the direct outcome of lust, greed and anger. But it is the mind that creates them, body is merely a tool. All the three, are directly related to our physical world. So a preliminary knowledge about them is necessary before we take them seriously at their roots. Now about the question as to what I want in life; I want permanent bliss, peace and everlasting joy. When I go to the orchard (of world) or for long walks in the surrounding woods, lovely beautiful flowers, cascading waters of river’s, hot springs, waterfalls, birds chirping joyously, freely flying in space. All this creates symphony in the atmosphere and I swoon in ecstasy. Though the scenes are there, everlastingly, but my feelings of ecstasy last only for a fraction of time. I want to blend in that everlasting scene. I want to be a permanent part of the beauty that lasts, speaks, smells and vibrates. Without possessing or molesting it, I go in swoon. But when I come down to physical plane, my priorities change! I want to indulge because I want to create those ecstatic feelings in objective company, I want to infuse that beauty in gross bodies and through their medium I want to have those ecstatic feelings. I am in physical form, so I understand only physical world. Nature may also be in physical forms but its affects are different!

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